Elle Decoration [NL] publication

It’s Alive!


May – June 2020  


ELLE Decoration is the magazine for the design and interior lovers. It inspires and motivates to make your living environment better, whether it is more beautiful, more fun, slimmer, more sustainable or simply more pleasant. The bimonthly magazine is bursting at the seams with the latest interior trends, trendsetting styling productions, enchanting interiors and captivating background stories and interviews.


In this issue reporter Lisa Hardon interviewed me about my work, the collaboration coating project Fungkee and the current research into structural colours produced by bacteria. The fruitful collaboration between Studio Klarenbeek & Dros with Stichting ‘Nieuwe Helden’ resulted in the Growing Pavillion. With this building they showed the possibilities and above all, the enormous beauty of biobased building. The pavilion is unique in the way in which a large number of biobased materials, such as wood, hemp, mycelium, cattail and cotton, together form a special building.

Aniela Hoitinks MycoTEX is also mentioned, a textile made of mushroom mycelium. She eliminates the steps of spinning yarns, weaving cloths and sewing garments. Instead of that she is growing it into a mould.

Maurizio Montalti started MOGU, as co-founder and director of research and technological development at MOGU they are producing acoustic panels and bio-based resilient tiles for interior design and architecture.

Looking for light? Teresa van Dongen is also featured with her beautiful Ambio Lamps. This lamp is powered by bioluminescent bacteria in a salt water solution.

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