Biocouture Bags

The Biocouture Bag & Clutch

This clutch bag is manufactured during Emma’s internship at the Biocouture Studio in London, founded by Suzanne Lee. There’s a whole spectrum of organisms that can grow materials. Bacteria, yeast, fungi and algae could be harnessed to produce fabrics.

Using a symbiotic mix of yeast and bacteria’s, a leather-like material is produced that has similarities with mammal leather. The mix grows you bacterial leather in a fermentation process, the same way beer and cheese is being produced. The model of the bag is inspired by an international well-know fashion brand, executed in a compostable material. In three weeks time, this clutch bag was grown, hand-sewed together and dyed with natural pigments.


Over time, the clutch bag changed colours. The dark colour it has right now is a live biodegrading process. Over time, it becomes darker and darker. In the end, you can throw it away alongside your vegetable peelings. The bag is still being used as conversation piece and makes people conscious about the inevitable consumption behaviour we have as consumers nowadays.

Organism: acetobacter xylinum


This clutch bag is manufactured during my internship at the Biocouture studio in London. The clutch bag put together by hand, both zipper (Riri) and patterns. The material was cut by hand and dyed when it was 3 mm thick. The bright color pigments who occurred once the textile was dried were coming from Dylon textile dye. The Biocouture logo was lasercut by studio Digihaus.

Organism: acetobacter xylinum |