Biocouture Bags

The Biocouture Bag & Clutch

During my internship at the Biocouture studio in London, I designed a prototype handbag. Through this process I learned all the aspects of ‘growing a bag’. Suzanne Lee taught me all aspects of growing a sheet. I dyed the bag with a synthetic textile dye. The handles are laser cut by Studio Digihaus to create a smooth finish. The seams are sewn by hand with a leather needle.

Organism: acetobacter xylinum

Due to the compostability of the material, this bag no longer exists as it has returned to soil.


This clutch bag is manufactured during my internship at the Biocouture studio in London. The clutch bag put together by hand, both zipper (Riri) and patterns. The material was cut by hand and dyed when it was 3 mm thick. The bright color pigments who occurred once the textile was dried were coming from Dylon textile dye. The Biocouture logo was lasercut by studio Digihaus.

Organism: acetobacter xylinum |