VPRO Toekomstbouwer

”I want to make sure this whole process is free of waste.”

During Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2019, Nadia Moussaid and Martijn Paulen (CEO Dutch Design Foundation) spoke with five up-and-coming design talents in VPRO De Toekomstbouwers (ed. Future Builders), all with ideas and solutions for the world of tomorrow. Who are these future builders? And how will their designs affect our daily lives? I was one of them!

Emma van der Leest (1991) is a Bio Designer who works with bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms. She uses these micro-organisms to grow fabrics in order to create sustainable textiles/leather. In the port of Rotterdam she then harvests water bacteria in order to colour these materials in a natural way. Biologist and bio-enthusiast Midas Dekkers thinks along about the possibilities and limits of this circular system.

They followed me with two projects; the fungal supercoating and the colored by flavo project. See the full broadcast here. Only in Dutch available.


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