Form Follows Organism

‘Form Follows Organism: the biological computer. Thé book about the changing role of the designer when you start to collaborate with science.’

‘Form Follows Organism: The biological computer’ is a book about biodesign and the shifting role of the (product) designer. ‘Form Follows Organism’ is about the application of design knowledge to consumer products and design methodologies. The research questions investigated are: ‘how can we control the process of growing materials or products?’ and: ‘how can we design new tools and algorithms that unlock the power of living cells?’

Graphic design by Gülşen Emre

E-publication by Megan Hoogenboom

Foreword by Drs. Guus Vreeburg & Dr. Peter Troxler

‘Form Follows Organism: The biological computer © 2016
Willem de Kooning Academy

All rights reserved.
ISBN 978-94-92479-02-0

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