Liturgisch diner

A product line inspired on the ethical existence of the Inuit society. A group of culturally similar indigenous peoples inhabiting the Arctic regions.

Inspired on the ethical existence of the Inuit society, I have created a product line. The Inuit are group of culturally similar indigenous peoples inhabiting the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada, and Alaska. They have a carful and unique way of handling their food. After catching an animal they will put all parts of it to good use, from fur to bones. With rituals and jewellery, the Inuit show their respect to these animals.

After doing research about the Inuit, I was curious whether or not I would find a modern society that handles their food in a similar way. Living healthy and consciously is a trend, which is highly valued by raw foodism. People living by this standard only eat uncooked raw food, which includes vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts and algae among others. Interesting however is that these people, being conscious as they are, don’t seem to extend this lifestyle when buying products. This controversially is the foundation of this product line.

All products are made out of plaster, a conscious choice since I wanted to avoid using chemical materials. The image above displays a food pyramid with different categories, to each belonging one or several products. The products are made by using fruit and vegetables as a mould. The purpose of this product line is to create harmony between what you eat and the products you use. Concluding I feel that raw foodism takes its eating habits to extremes, in which I would expect them to translate this way of life to using durable products in a conscious manner. To the extend in which it is a distinct set of rules to live by: a religion.