Biodesign Night 2020: online

November 11th, 2020

During this third edition of Biodesign Night, together with designers, engineers and scientist, we will talk and share experiences about the integration of living organisms in the design process and how to implement these at a bigger scale for more impact. We will listen to pioneer pitches from Lori Goff, pascal leboucq and Bob Hendrikx.

Keynote Suzanne Lee explain us why biofabrication is the next industrial revolution and how we can implement the ideas at a commercial scale.

After the Pioneer Pitches we wrap up with a thrilling panel session line up with Suzanne Lee, William Myers, Carolina Villa Sanin and architect OMA Paul Cournet.

Thanks to Upstream Festival, Stimuleringsfonds, Design Platform Rotterdam, BlueCity and BlueCity Lab for co-organising and support!

On Friday 27 November, we’ll continue this journey online at SYMBIOSIS Festival – collaborating with nature. We’ll explore different ways to live, work, play and produce in symbiosis with the ecosystems around us. Professionals will come together to share their knowledge and experience. And in private workshops, talks and matchmaking sessions, we’ll discuss barriers, methods and (new) forms of cooperation.